Unitek personnel are trained in proper procedures for sample collection, chain-of-custody, field hazcat screening, and ICS.  Unitek is able to provide monitoring for various chemical and radiological releases.  Unitek maintains the most extensive environmental material inventory of any firm on Guam including sample containers, drums of various sizes and types, Level A-D PPE, activated carbon, absorbent pads / boom / powder, acid/base neutralizing agents, etc.  Unitek maintains a U.S. Coast Guard approved Spill Response Plan with 20 in-house trained hazmat responders.  

Unitek’s experience with environmental emergency response is the most extensive of any firm within the Western Pacific.  Unitek has responded to releases of hazardous materials and petroleum on both land and sea.  Unitek specializes in emergency response to hazardous chemicals, gases, materials and petroleum releases.  Unitek serves as the primary responder for environmental emergency response activities for USEPA Region IX, US Coast Guard and over 100 private sector clients.  Unitek has performed entry into seavans with leaking acids, bases, petroleum, solvents, corrosive solids, ammonia and chlorine gas.  

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Emergency Spill Response

Unitek Environmental-Guam maintains the most complete inventory of equipment materials and supplies for environmental emergency response activities including personnel protection equipment including Levels A, B, C and D.  Unitek's in-house fleet of response equipment includes vacuum trucks, tanker trailers, vessels, spill containment and absorbent boom, surface water oil skimmer, etc.  Unitek also maintain a complete inventory of environmental equipment including pumps and air monitoring equipment.