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Unitek Environmental-Guam offers expertise in:

Environmental Consulting Services UST Removal/Upgrade Assessment
Laboratory Testing Services
Soil and Groundwater Investigations
Lead Paint Sampling, Air Monitoring
Soil and Groundwater Remediation
Environmental Property Assessments
Asbestos Sampling, Air Monitoring
Indoor Air Quality Assessments
Water Testing and Analyses
Mold Investigation & Assessments

Petroleum/Industrial Services
Petroleum Transportation
Fuel Delivery
Used Oil Recycling
Oily Water Treatment
Over Water Transfers
Vacuum Truck Services
UST Decommissioning
Industrial Tank & System Cleaning
UST/AST Testing
Regulatory Compliance
Storage Tank Rental

UXO/MEC Operations

UXO/MEC Construction Training

UXO/MEC Geophysical Operations

UXO/MEC Site Investigations/Removal

UXO/MEC Construction Support

UXO/MEC Transport & Disposal

Hazardous Waste Management
Waste Identification & Profiling
Waste Packaging & Transportation
Waste Brokering & Disposal

Asbestos Abatement & Disposal‚Äč
Emergency Spill Response
Site Cleanup & Remediation
Petroleum Spills to Land/Water
PCB Packaging & Disposal          
Overwater Petroleum Transfers
Trucking & Transportation Services

Heavy Metals Cleanup & Stabilization
Bio Remediation of Petroleum Contamination

Material Sales
DOT Drums & Containers
Absorbent Pads & Booms

Spill Kits